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Accept Your Past

Happy Happy New Year! I can only go up from here. 2023 was a helluva year. Many supreme highs matched with deplorable lows. So how to judge such a year? Tis life! Take the good with the bad especially when I was the cause of both. I don't want to say I almost lost myself but there were moments that I absolutely did not recognize the person I saw in the mirror. I did and said things that I NEVER EVER thought could happen. I wanted to do whatever I wanted without risk of punishment or consequences. And that exists exactly no where ever in all of humanity! I accept my fate with the responsibility and the accountability for my actions! I am in control of my future. I'm looking up! I rounded out my most recent evolution and I look forward to the start of the next! Being fearlessly unapologetic will not please everyone but I am most important and if it pleases me than it shall be. I must learn the true power of forgiveness. And I need to start with myself! If holding a grudge was a person there would be a photo of me under the definition. Anything I do to someone I do 10x more to myself. So if I haven't forgiven you you can bet that I'm in the same boat. Dwelling usually goes hand in hand in hand with my daily routine. I am choosing the high road from here on out! I did some stellar work in 2023. I showed up in rooms with immense talent and filled those rooms with all of me. I never shrank or felt unworthy. Sometimes I would sit in disbelief for those moments I didn't see coming. Like traveling to NYC to meet with the agency who now represents me. Auditioning for two tours and a cruise. I felt lucky to be doing it all. I've always let my bad dim my light of goodness because I knew better but did worse. And I couldn't excuse the behavior so I punish myself. I will be celebrating a lot more this year. The challenges will increase as I accend. And I will continue to ascend gloriously!

Happy New Year

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