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February has begun and as we all know it marks the beginning of Black History Month. Gather all the children in front of the square Television set and pop in the kids classic "Our Friend Martin". Get ready to enter every store and be pandered to by sales reps with black fists and African American Flag colors. How do you describe Black History? Is it just the Harriet Tubmans, Martin Luther Kings Jr's , and Malcom X's? Is it The Beyoncé's, Lebrons, and Angela Bassets? Or is it The Trevail Maurice's, Joshua William Greens, and The James Major Burns' of the world? I am Black History! You are Black History. Past, Present, and Future! You have a story to tell and whether you know it or not. There is someone somewhere telling your story. Your History. How you helped! How you spoke up! How you wouldn't quit! How you brought joy to many! How you struggled! And how you overcame! Your name doesn't have to be on a wall or embedded into a statue. Your name may not be in the history books that show the makings of America but it will be in the Mouths and the Memories of The People. Power To The People


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