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Born Ready

Momma said if I stay ready I ain't got to get ready! So when they ask me am I ready I say BORN LIKE THIS.

I've been very busy over the last couple of months. Life changing events have taken place. Some great and some not so good. Let's start with the GREAT. I went in as my Understudy role 2x last week. For those who may be reading and doesn't know what an understudy is here's the definition.


  • (in the theater) a person who learns another's role in order to be able to act as a replacement at short notice.

My first performance was scheduled before we started rehearsals. The second performance unfortunately happened because the actor was unable to go on due to health. It was a two shoe day and I had been given a heads up to be ready just in case for the evening show. AND I WAS READY. I'm grateful I had just done the track two days prior. I was settled on knowing exactly what needed to be done! It was such a great moment. I had so much fun. I was excited to perform for the people! And i was READY. Day 1 i was ready and i stay ready. Ready for opportunities. Ready for change. Ready for growth. Ready to take on all the good and the bad! I'll be ready for it all. Will you be?

Have a Major Day

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Mar 20, 2023


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