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Why is it that when I don't receive any feedback I assume that I'm not doing well? A director or two has told me that " I'm not here to give you compliments". To which I sometimes feel slighted by the comment because it takes me down the attention whore rabbit hole. In 2023 I have decided to leave this habit in my rear view mirror. I will not psych myself out. I will build myself up! If and when I need to know how I am doing or what I should be doing I will simply ask the director! I will not take the critique personal. I will construct a new attitude in this new year

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Jan 15, 2023

It's such a great way to tackle this with a new attitude. Your work speaks great volumes & your volume is on full Blast! Your followers will go above & beyond to continue to see your great performances & go with you all the way to the top. Love you & keep moving forward. Your #1 Fan ❤️❤️

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