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Let me start by saying I loves me good Good T. That good gossip from a good good Judy! Always have and probably always will. Nie the older I get I try to be a good person. A better person with a better heart with better intentions. So with the gossip, shade, and spilling of the ultimate T. I give them all in love. Never malice intent. Nie that's my side of it. The person or persons on the end of the shade, gossip, getting their T spilt may not feel the same way. So how do I balance this feeling of maybe I should Vs yes gurrrrllll WHATS T? With me being Thee Zodiac of BALANCE ♎️⚖️. I should have a good measure on how to find the balance. It's all good when you're getting the gossip. Until it's your turn be the gossip. And everyone gets a turn. How does it feel when you are the T. The gossip is you and your business. Your life being discussed in God knows how many group chats. Hell the friends you have today may not be your friends tomorrow. Beware and be careful. I tell myself hey it's okay. Peoples opinions of me is none of my business. And people close to me discussing me have some insight and level of care to do just that. You can not think I'm cute and be absolutely wrong but you get to think that and discuss in your group chat if you wanna. Lead with love and light I tell myself. Although I love a good Ki the world is treacherously full of gossip sharks. Waiting to get something out of you and take on to the next person. There are levels to this. Just a friendly reminder from you Favorite Stranger

Have A Major Day

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