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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

You can’t control your life until you can control your emotions! They change everything.

  • Judge Lynn Toler

I in the first 30 seconds of listening to Judge Lynn Toler's book "Dear Sonali, Letters to the Daughter I Never Had" I had to hit pause because she had already slapped me in the face with several truths about myself. I wasn't ready to be gagged so early into this masterpiece. When I completed the book i left feeling enlightened. I also left with some great quotes that would help me throughout the rest of my life. The quote above rings so true to my life. "YOU CANT CONTROL YOUR LIFE UNTIL YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS! THEY CHANGE EVERYTHING!" The Judge laid down the gavel on that one. In my 30s I am just accepting myself as what some may call an "emotional/sensitive person"! I very much am and have been that guy. I love that guy. I didn't want to be that person because I attributed the trait to femininity. I have continually faced many emotional battles all at once. Yet at this very moment with similar battles I am centering myself by remember the above quote. DUH, REMEMBER YOUR GOAL! And I needed this shake of the table to remind myself I RUN L.A.! And I have to accept the ugly truths. I wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes it will get ripped, torn, and snatched. Thankfully I can repair those rips and tears. And I may not even notice them at first until they pile up. I just have to remind myself that I do have every tool I need to fix runs in my stocking!

Have. A Major Day

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1 Comment

Mar 26, 2023

Well said son. Love you & continue to keep evolving. Muuaahh

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