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I lied

I lied.

For no good reason at all. One lie will always be followed by more lies. It's like decorating a home. Lie on top of lie. Now consequences are due and I am ready for what is due for me. For all of it. I can no longer hide from the truth. Was keeping the secret worth it? Not so much. I have gained very little from mishandling the truth. And the losses outweigh anything attained. Have I learned anything? Time is telling that I've learned little. Circumstances may have put me here but I am fully responsible for my actions! My new life is waiting for me. I have realized with lying comes manipulation and delusion. There is shame and guilt that I feel deep inside and all over my body. The words that have been spoken over me wrapped me in a cover of disappointment and embarrassment. Reckless behavior. It has to be more than that. No more lies

Still I rise!

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