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If You’re Reading This….. Respond

How do you forgive yourself when you've made a mistake? I have a nasty habit of over thinking and seeking a sensible reason for what has taken place. I try to understand from all sides and weigh out the whys and why nots. I sometimes torture myself with long thoughts and conversations with myself playing out how things will go from all sides only to talk myself into doing something then out of it in the same breath. In my head if I've done something wrong there must be consequences. So if something bad happens I equate it to me deserving it because I've made someone feel bad or I've committed an acts that require such consequences. Whew💨 Im tired. I'm learning about myself everyday. I guess I thought and some point or age of life things would settle and be constant. And there are a lot of constants in my life but there are many changes and continue to evolve and I'm strapped in for a ride. The current ride is the scariest but great things are happening. I want to feel confident the these courages shoes but it scares the krap out of me. Still I Rise (Maya Voice) ! I'm trying to not only give myself grace but accept the grace and also accept responsibility for my actions and not feel bad. 🌪️ Still I Rise ( Maya Voice) . I rise and I learn and I learn and I apply the lesson learned everyday over and over again until I can understand and feel better in time.

How do your forgive yourself when you've made a mistake?

Have A Major Day

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