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Letting Go

We all need to let go just a little!

Let go of the doubt. Let go of the bad habits. Let go of the anxiety. Let go of the dark cloud. Let go of the negative ideas. Let go of the negative relationships. Let go of the unrealistic terms you give yourself. Let go of the undying need to fit into society's cookie cutter norms. Let go of the disappointment. Let go of the shame. Let go of eating those foods that comepletely disagree with your stomach. Let go of procrastination. Let go of excuses. Now doesn't that feel much better and lighter? Deep Breath IN******** EXHALE. I've been waiting to exhale since the 90s lol am I right?? Anyone? Lol hope you found that funny. And I hope you let go of the weight you're dragging into the new year. Let go and let God. Let Life. Let Earth. Let it Be.

Have a Major Day

Song of the Morning : Let It Go - Elsa ❄️ - Idina Menzel

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1 Comment

May 24, 2023

Perfectly said. I'm going to share this

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