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Lifestyle Changes

When I turned 30 years of age I made a promise to myself that I would make some Lifestyle Changes. I love getting older and I want to get older and not decrepit. I had been in pretty good shape most of my life but age will change things. I needed to change my diet. I needed to seek counseling. I needed to exercise. I had some huge challenges to face. I faced them! I'll be 33 this year and I'm so proud of the man that I continue to become. Looking great is one thing but FEELING a great tops all. I played sports in highschool and I cheated the weight room every chance I got. Even though I had dreams of becoming an Olympian I never put in the work. I tried on natural talent. The drive and goal is different now. Never did I think I would like it love coming to the gym and now we're best buddies! I'm committed! In the beginning I looked and this commitment as a moment in time! Thank God for my Lifestyle Gym Guru AARON. Who helped me realize " James this is a lifestyle not a phase, not a moment"! Wow! That light came on and has been on ever since. I joined a loving and encouraging fitness group "PRIME FORM FITNESS" and it's family. It's amazing to have people so push you to be the best you. Remind you to give yourself grace. And teach you new things about something we're all experiencing! The challenge continues. This isn't just a moment! It's not just a phase! ITS A LIFESTYLE. Are you ready to commit?

Have a Major Day

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1 Comment

Mar 26, 2023

So proud of you son. Love you

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