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No Place Like Home

Is Home truly where the heart is? Maybe so. Last year I moved away from my Home Town. Ever heard of Skid Row?? Lol jk jk, no I'm not! I finally found the heart and courage to leave Skid Row. I had planned and plotted for years on how I wanted to leave and how I would make an escapé. Eventually I started to feel stuck. And accepted that I would never leave and needed to make the best of what I had at Home! My hairline was no longer receding and had officially conceded. I still couldn't read music so I thought there was no chance for a career. Yet I continued to push forward toward the goal. Towards the big dream! Forward! Creating, writing, performing original shows and music. Just keep moving forward is what I told myself. Just keep swimming as Dory said! So I swam away from Home. And I've realized that Home is not just a place. It exists in people and things. In memories and laughs. In dreams and nightmares. Home is where the Heart is. Home is me. So I can always be Home. Whether I click my heels 3 times or not! I am love and I am overflowing

Have A Major Day

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1 Comment

May 24, 2023


you are... You just don't know how much I'm proud of everything you have accomplished in your life & will continue to do... My shooting star

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