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Thankful and Grateful

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Today I had to pump my brakes and remember to be thankful and grateful. I am thankful and grateful to be here today. To be in my position. To have love. To have family. Joy in my life. To be in good health. To be a skilled and talented individual. To be a caring and nurturing individual. For all my flaws! For the ups and downs and highs and lows. For my wins and losses. For you and me. For glory and shame. To have been able to experience it all I am thankful and I am grateful. And I am now calm. I have the power to calm myself. To control my emotions and the power to control my life. I'm into something good. Pray for me and pray for peace ☮️ . One world one breath!

Have a Major Day

Song of the Morning

Oh Me Oh My ( Fool For You) - Aretha Franklin

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Beautiful ❤️❤️

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