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Well I’ll be…..

Perception really is something. I started doing musicals in 2011. The year now is 2023. Am I just realizing that my greatest strength is acting? I always considered myself a performer. An expressionist lol. Someone who was good at multiple things. An entertainer in any lane I tried. My favorite thing to do is sing. I love to sing. I love to sing and dance. I love to sing, dance, and perform to a live crowd lol. Just like Michael, Diana, Beyoncé and more! I've always worked hard and tried my absolute best on stage. It's hard for me to gage and grade myself as an actor. I don't know why but I can judge or grade my vocals but not my acting ability because it wasn't my main focus! I have been doing what comes to mind. A lot of improv. I've now noticed how I've been told repeatedly how great of an actor I am. And now I'm noticing the difference between actor and performer. I can portray many characters and I can also entertain an audience whether as myself or characters. Is acting my greatest strength? Has it always been? It's time to get an acting coach! New level unlocked! I'm excited to work with new directors and learn how to unlock different levels of expressing a character! Greater things are coming and I am excited! Most of all I'm Ready!



James Major Burns

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May 24, 2023

Of course, you know you're great in all you seek to do... Like I always say to you, I'm your #1 fan!!!!! Love you, son ❤️

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