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You’re Special

What does it mean to be special?. Is it being one of a kind? Is it being the greatest to ever do it? Is it being the creator or innovator or something? Can it be all of these things? If you're not special does that make you ordinary? Normal? These adjectives have caused me a lot of strife in my life. Words can have so much power. Who ever came up with that sticks and stones phrase I need to get them on the line. I have a few questions. The truth is that every person can be and is special. All in our own way. I can't be your kind of special and you can't be mine. I can't continue to let others decide if I am special or not. That is a me decision and I've decided that I am special! There is only one James Major Burns and unlike most of you I woke up like this! Very Special! Remember that it is you that decides to what and who you are. So go out and Be Who You Want To Be, Not What Others Want To See

Have a Major Day

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1 Comment

Jan 23, 2023

Beautifully spoken

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