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You Smell That? Don't mind me. It's just my funk. I have been in a post holiday slump funk. Things went from moving quickly to a quick halt. I have to learn how to manage my time better and most importantly PREPARATION. I must improve my preparation! And not only improve it but keep it consistent. I've had enough of this slump funk. I accept that dips and slumps may happen but I don't accept this funk. Too smelly for me. I'm riding out of it. Bathing in light to remove the funk. And when those times arise that I can not escape the funk. Well baby I'm going to FUNK IT UP okay! I'm going to be FUNKING FANTASTIC! YEAR ME?Just call me JAMES MAJOR FUNKING BURNS. Maybe if I embrace the funk I can learn more about it. Maybe the funk is my friend? Maybe I need to Funk to appreciate the good times? We shall see! And we will be Funk Less

Have a Major Day!

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May 24, 2023

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