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Hard To Express

My cousin BOO BOO passed away on Monday and it has weighed me down. My heart and soul ache! My spirit is sad. As I watched people make their posts with photos and memories I quickly rushed through my phone and social media to see how many photos I have with us together. Only to find so few photos. Memories of great times together. It saddened me for just a moment until I realized the reason we didn't take to many photos is because we were always enjoying our time together at the highest power. We didn't stop to often to grab a selfie or a family pic because we were loving on each other. Since I received the news I can do nothing but cry and think about how much love was exchanged between us while he was here. He helped raise me. In a world where I thought people would hate me for who I was he loved me for exactly who I was. His family, his newphew, his little cousin! We are of the same legacy! I am so grateful to have received such unconditional love from such an amazing person for this amount of time. I will always think of you and smile. I will laugh. And I will cry. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally and physically for this funeral. For a moment I thought I would have to miss the day but I am grateful to God that a way was paved. My heart is heavy. We will all be strong together and mourn together. And then we will rejoice! Forever in my heart! Always!! I love you!

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Jul 14, 2023

This is so beautiful son. You will be strong & will get through it. I love you son & will be right here for you. ❤❤

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