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The Waiting Game

I was never great at playing "The Waiting Game". It doesn't matter if it's results for a test or a planned surprise. Or waiting for my food that I just ordered. The wait drives me cray! I remember the days of my youth when I was an ANTM STAN. I would lose sleep waiting for the finale to air. I mean I'd get so anxious awaiting the winner to be announced my mother would get upset with me. Something that had zero to do with my life had me riddled with emotion and anxiety. Now fast forward to adult me and here I am playing the waiting game for a living. Sending out video submissions, headshots, and resumes. Then waiting for a response that may never come. THE DRAMA. There are some theaters that will let you know that you didn't get the part. For example, I recently submitted for a show. Got a callback. And they told me a decision would be made by the end of January. Now that allows me to put it to bed and not allow my mind to wonder why and why not. I'm not always granted this luxury nor do I deserve it. I'm learning to just keep it moving along. And I better get use to it because that's the way it's gonna be. I applied to many a 9-5 and didn't get the job. I didn't care because I was only doing the job for a check. I care a lot more now and that flares up my emotional state. Still learning that life lesson. Still honing that life lesson. Someone said "Great Things Come To Those Who Wait". I wonder if they came up with that phrase before they got the great things or after they got the great things? Either way I agree that great things have come in time. 2022 taught me to be patient and go with my gut. 2023 is my opportunity to grow and enjoy waiting patiently. I'm alive, I'm breathing, life is beautiful, and I have love in my heart, in my life, and in my home! All great things. I try to keep myself busy while waiting and that sometimes causes me to worry even more. So I'm starting to enjoy my downtime as much as possible. If I get what I'm asking for downtime may be a distant memory lol.

Have A Major Day

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Jan 23, 2023


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